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A Comprehensive Checklist for Technical SEO Audit

We’ve all visited websites that had problems at some point. It takes an interminable amount of time for the website to load, links often produce 404 errors, and navigating the site requires an incredible amount of patience. 

But have you given any attention to the experience that your website visitors have? You may find UX pain spots that might cause consumers to get frustrated with your site by doing a technical site audit, also known as a technical SEO audit.

What is an SEO Technical Audit Service?

A technical site audit examines all of the unseen aspects of a website that make it more difficult for web crawlers used by search engines to index the page. These audits detect the technical characteristics of a website that, when combined, have an effect on your website’s ranking on the search engine results in pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo (SERPs). 


In technical SEO analysis, variables such as broken links, difficulties with the sitemap, sluggish load times, and the number of clicks it takes to go from one place on a website to another are taken into consideration.


You may already be aware of how important it is to optimize each page according to the information it contains. In most circumstances, the initial step should be to conduct a technical site audit. 


If a website is suffering from significant technical troubles, optimizing the content of the site won’t have nearly the same level of effect as it otherwise might. By addressing back-end optimization options with a technical SEO site audit, you may make your website more friendly to spiders that are used by search engines.

How to Conduct an SEO Audit Service?

A program such as SEMrush and others are used to emulate a search engine crawler. This allows us to pinpoint precisely where problems are occurring on a website. There are a few of these programs that do a crawl of the website in the same manner that a search engine would. The user receives helpful technical and SEO information from these crawlers.


The faults that are found in a technical review of a website might range in terms of their significance. Some of them aren’t worth the effort it would take to address them right away. Some mistakes are essential to the operation of the website, and they should be fixed as soon as possible.


An examination of the technical side of a website by Bonjo Tech will also include aspects that aren’t always visible using a crawler. While doing a manual website technical audit, one of the methods we utilize includes conducting our own study of the site structure and making use of data obtained from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. This allows us to examine a website with a critical eye.

Common Errors in Website Audit Services

It’s possible that after a crawl, you’ll find so many technical mistakes that you’ll feel overwhelmed. The encouraging thing is that not all of them demand your urgent attention right now. 


Using the services of a professional team like Bonjo Tech will assist you in sifting through all of the information you have and determining what issues are most important to address as quickly as possible. 


We have included a few first-touch issues that need to be investigated using either our page crawling tools or our human audit. These recurring mistakes often lead us to the discovery of more fundamental issues or other areas in which we might make progress. 


To get started, use this checklist for a technical SEO audit:

Broken internal and external linkages

Your material could include links that are broken, and a crawler should find them. These may go to pages on your site that need a redirect, or they may lead to pages on other websites that are broken. In either case, you will need to update the links. 


A poor user experience and a worse rating with search engines are often the results of having faulty links on your website.

Robots.txt problems

In order to interact with the robots that are crawling their website, website owners may utilize a file called /robots.txt. It’s possible that you have some coding on your website that stops the crawler from indexing it, but that’s not always the case. 


It is possible for problems to arise even if you just inadvertently prevent the crawler from accessing one page on your website.

Sitemap difficulties

Google is able to better understand the structure of your website and which pages it needs to index thanks to an accurate sitemap. It gives the crawler a map, which makes the crawling process go more quickly and efficiently. 


It’s possible that a spider may give up in the middle of its crawl if the sitemap is unclear or ambiguous.

Code that does not follow or index links

We take measures to ensure that these codes are not found in locations where they are not intended to be. It indicates that a link should not be followed (that is, trusted by Google) or that a website should not be indexed in the search engine. 


Inadvertently placing nofollow or noindex code on crucial site pages might result in critical information being omitted from search engine results pages (SERPs).

A slow scrolling speed 

These days, sluggish page speed is a significant ranking factor because of the negative impact it has on the user experience. If it takes more than three seconds to load, 75% of consumers will abandon the website.


The days of using websites that aren’t encrypted are over! Your website will gain reputation and reliability if you only link to other trustworthy and safe websites. If a link directs you to a website that uses HTTPS rather than HTTP, then you can be sure that the link is secure. 


A crawl will inform you whether any of your internal links or external connections are not secure, as well as whether or not you are linked to sites that are not safe.


When we do a site audit for our customers, we take into consideration all of these aspects as well as many more. Examining the website’s code, content, and keyword approach, and then coming up with a plan for how to enhance the website’s search performance is all part of the massive process that is known as SEO optimization.

Take Away

We pay attention to the smallest of things so that we don’t have to. The technical SEO audit services provided by Bonjo Tech include numerous members of a team who work together to guarantee that no stone is left unturned. 


We are able to give successful outcomes since we have the tools and the methodology necessary. Let’s get this started! Just send us an e-mail or give us a call right now.

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